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China Walking Tours
Walking tours on combines great walks, sightseeing excursions and cultural experiences for travelers to appreciate the natural wonders. The tours are a delightful blend of learning Chinese traditional culture and its rich history. Our walking program will appeal to active individuals who want to witness and experience the local people and lifestyle first-hand.

Although there are clearly faster ways to get from point to point when travelling in China, our walking program leads you into the historical centers of the nation, witness the local people and lifestyle, which is much more unique than that of other modes of transport.

Recommended China Walking Tours 
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    This 14-day China Hiking & Biking Tour Combo from Beijing to Hong Kong will give you a great experience of outdoor fun. You will trekking Beijing Jinshanling Great Wall, biking on Xian old city wall, cycling in rural Guilin countryside, etc., and enjoy the beauty of China from north to south. Duration: 14 days ...
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    The hidden trails offer trekking adventures through Yunnan, one of the best hiking destinations in China, and go deep into Yunnan鈥檚 untouched area 鈥 the incredibly beautiful Yubeng Village. You will do two one of the best treks in China - Tiger Leaping Gorge and Yubeng Village. Trekking in Yubeng and Tiger Leaping ...
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    Join this hiking journey around Guilin for the most picturesque views inside & outside Guilin. Walk through the downtown lakes then see the amazing Longji Rice terraces fields and enjoy the minority villages there; hiking along the Li River & Yulong River in Yangshuo for outdoor funs. And you will visit other ...
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    This 16-day walking holiday provides leisure walking on the rigid Jinshanling Great Wall, through the terraced fields and little villages in Longsheng, along the most beautiful part of Li River and countryside Yangshuo鈥ot only natural scenery like Yellow mountain been included, the thriving city Shanghai but also w ...
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    China offers many amazing destinations; indulge yourself in a strange land for the stunning landscape, fantastic minority cultures and smiling local people. This is a classic walking adventure go further into the snow mountains in Yunnan & magnificent Victoria harbour of Hong Kong. And other highlights like  ...
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Useful Tips & Guide

What to Take

Please keep luggage to a minimum 鈥 you will need to carry it yourself at airports. The baggage allowance is normally 20kg for checked-in luggage and 5kg for hand luggage.
Clothing and Footwear

A layered approach best, to cope with the differing temperatures you are likely to experience. You will find dress in the hotels very casual, though you may wish to take one smarter outfit. During sightseeing, you may visit temples or religious buildings in which dress restrictions apply so please ensure you have appropriate clothing. 

鈥?nbsp;   Walking Boots 鈥 well worn鈥搃n, with good ankle support and strong- ridged soles with good tread and spare boot laces.
鈥?nbsp;   Loop-pile socks 鈥 some find one thick and one thin pair reduces the risk of blisters.
鈥?nbsp;   Spare clothing 鈥 several thinner layers are better than one thick layer.
鈥?nbsp;   Waterproof trousers and jacket 鈥 with hood.
鈥?nbsp;   Shorts.
鈥?nbsp;   Long trousers and long-sleeved shirts with collars - as protection from the sun.
鈥?nbsp;   Sun hat.
鈥?nbsp;   Swimming costume and swimming cap (for use in hotel pools).
鈥?nbsp;   Comfortable clothes - for evenings.
鈥?nbsp;   Comfortable shoes 鈥 for sightseeing.

On the Walks
鈥?nbsp;   First Aid Kit 鈥 including plasters, painkillers, antiseptic
鈥?nbsp;   wipes and lipsalve.
鈥?nbsp;   Sun protection 鈥 sunglasses; high factor sun screen and lip protection.
鈥?nbsp;   Water bottle 鈥 with at least 1 litre capacity.
鈥?nbsp;   Collapsible stick 鈥 many people find these useful for walking on rough and slippery terrain.
鈥?nbsp;   Lightweight survival bag.
鈥?nbsp;   A small rucksack and a small second bag 鈥 a bin liner will keep contents dry if it rains.

In the Hotel
鈥?nbsp;   Bath Soap (not always provided by hotels).
鈥?nbsp;   Towel 鈥 if you intend to go swimming (bath towels are of course supplied)
鈥?nbsp;   Toilet Paper 鈥 we suggest that you always carry a small supply when outside the hotel.
鈥?nbsp;   Adaptor.

Insect / mosquito repellent; camera, umbrella.

Passport; Visa; Booking Confirmation; Insurance Cover Note; HF Registration Card.

Please keep luggage to a minimum 鈥 you will need to carry it yourself at airports and between coach and hotel at the various centres you visit. Soft top bags or cases are ideal.

Please note that Easy Tour China reserves the right to refuse to take any guest on walks, should he / she consider that their lack of suitable clothing / footwear may affect safety.