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China Student/Youth Travel
China offers unparalleled learning experience for student travelers with its unique history, culture and many educational resources. Student Tours from Easy Tour China are all about giving international students moments where the young can learn from new cultures, environments and people through authentic meals, activities and interactive programs.

We are dedicated to making student trips special and educational which go beyond getting pictures in front of landmarks or just rushing between sites. All student tours are exceptional value and safe. Our professional team is trained to ensure the well-being of each participant, and for concerns that arise.  They handle every detail which students do need to worry about anything except building lasting memories.
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    In this July & Augest, we offer a 5-day Yangtze Cruise Summer Camp (Yichang to Chongqing) for our honor guests to better discover China with kids. By taking Super five-star M.S. Yangzi Explorer, the adults and children will explore the most legendary river of China while participating some fun activities and cult ...
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    Parents and kids, come join us at this 4-day Yangtze Cruise Summer Camp (Chongqing to Yichang) for a special summer to remember! We especially craft the itinerary in order for some real fun with a relaxed cruise vacation by luxury M.S. Yangzi Explorer. There're interesting activities and cultural classes for both adu ...
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    5-day is enough for a memorial trip in Guilin, hiking the rice terraces and experience the minority culture in the mountainous areas of Guilin, heading to Yangshuo for beaituful countryside scenery and interesting outdoor activities鈥 And you will visit other highlights like Longji Rice Terraces Fields, Ping'an ...
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    The 11-day educational trip includes the popular destinations like Beijing, Xi鈥檃n, Guilin, Yangshuo & Shanghai. Besides the historical sites, amazing natural sencery and cultural relics, you will have opportunities to make Chinese kites & dumplings, watching Kungfu Show鈥 And you will visit other highlights ...
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    On this 7-day education tour, you will see and enjoy the best amazing scenery in Yunnan in varied ways. Biking around the erhai lake, hiking the spectacular tiger leaping gorges, see the local Bai people鈥檚 batik factory and walking though the peaceful street at Lijiang old town鈥 And you will visit other highlights ...
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    Travel the most grandeur of the Middle Kingdom by taking this trip! The 27-day educational tour is carefully designed for young and student travelers who want to adventure and experience overseas. We will arrange accommodations, train tickets and coach tours to the major sites. The world in under your feet, so just t ...
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Useful Tips & Guide

A student travel is not simply selecting destinations & dates, booking hotels & transfer鈥t needs careful planning and research. Easy Tour China lists suggestions below to help students build smooth and happy student trip.

1) Before Departure

Before you go, learn about the local laws and customs of the countries you're visiting, especially those concerning drinking age, drugs and curfews.

Money belt or security pouch are necessary to carry valuables and passport; keep the documents and emergency contact info in your carry-on luggage instead of pack bags.

Pack a simple first aid kit with bandages, safety pins and pain relievers and so on.

Pack all the needed medications in their original containers

Give a copy of full itinerary of the trip to your parents and friends, maintain regular contact with them.

Bring an extra pair of sunglasses or contact lenses.

2) Traveling via Mass

Review specific airline regulations and federal restrictions regarding carry-on items and checked baggage, so they don鈥檛 have to dismantle anything or throw things out at the airport

Wait in public spaces where there are lots of people and/or staff members present

When waiting at the airport, checked out your bags to avoid lost. Never leave your luggage unattended at any places.

3) Keep yourself Safe!

Keep your valuables concealed! A careless or districted traveler is always at risk

Don't be flashy. Not wearing expensive clothes, jewelry and other accessory.

Display confidence and alertness when walking around.

Avoid tap water, ice cube or dairy products and try some well-cooked hot food

Be aware of the cultural differences and traditional customs. Never discuss politics and lifestyle of the local in public.

Always check the window and door of your rooms to keep it locked all the time.

Do not admit someone to your room until get clearly identity and purpose.

Report a lost or stolen passport to your embassy or nearest consulate, and cancel lost or stolen credit cards or travelers checks as soon as possible. Report stolen items to the police and get a copy of the theft report to include with your insurance claim.